Give Me This Mountain [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Life comes with challenges and sometimes they feel like mountains we have to climb. When I first lost my hearing, it felt like a mountain. When I had to start the process to get my cochlear implants upgraded, it too began to feel like a mountain in front of me as I thought about all the paperwork, waiting and dealing with insurance that it required. We each face our own mountains but how we view and climb them is up to us.

I recently created these images as a post gift for a family reunion and decided to share it as a FREE download for anyone who needs a reminder that we all face mountains and together we can work together to climb them.


Open image by clicking on image or button. Once the window opens, Right Click or hold the image down (mobile devices) to save image. A full zipped file can be downloaded at the end for desktop users.

Give Me This Mountain [5x7]-02.jpg
Give Me This Mountain [5x7]-03.jpg
Give Me This Mountain [5x7]-04.jpg