The Drive-Thru

Reflecting on an old blog post I wrote. To this day, drive-thrus still prove challenging. Even though these events are hard, I still try my best and smile. There are countless events in my life where I just have to smile. In fact, the other day I was out ordering lunch at a counter and the cashier looked at me and asked, "Is that a Bluetooth?" I tried to not laugh as who wants a magnetic piece sticking to their head like an antenna. I explained that it was a Cochlear Implant which is a hearing device to help me hear as I am completely deaf. Her expression changed as if I looked alien to her. July 1, 2010 - The Drive-Thur

When you go to a fast food place and you take the drive-thru since you are in a rush. Sometimes drive-thrus are alright for me and other times they are useless. Luckily I have two awesome brothers who help me hear! The other night my brothers needed something to eat and needed to get home so I took the drive-thru. If I was alone I think I would have freaked out and maybe drove out, mainly, because I could not understand the person. Since my brothers were with me and they have perfect hearing I turned to them and I relied on them. My little brother turns to me and says "say yes". For most people these things are easy but people that have hearing aids or even cochlear implants they have a harder time. I have to work my brain to understand what they say. Sometimes I try to picture the persons face so I can pretend I am reading their lips to make things sound little more clear. It is the same with the phone. When it is my family I can picture them perfectly but when I am at work and they ask me to call some other company I take a deep breath and try not to freak out. I am just going to have to keep trying and see how I do.

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