Start Where You Are Comfortable

Start where you are comfortable at!

I recently met with a client who I am helping create a website and consulting on how to promote the website. They were struggling with getting every idea on paper and feeling very overwhelmed with wanting EVERYTHING to be laid out. As I talked with them about the project and reminded them to start with what they are comfortable with and run with it. In this case it was a blog and two main landing pages. It is a great reminder to simply take control of what you are comfortable with and everything will follow once the momentum builds up again.

I face this dilemma in my own life all the time. I have a long list of video and photography projects I want to tackle or that writing project. In the end the list becomes daunting and find myself not wanting to do any of it. I am constantly reminding myself to start with what I CAN do right now and then move on once I finish what I can do now. It is so motivating once you get started and realize that “YES, I can do this and end up growing from it.”

So be kind to yourself and start with what you are comfortable with and keep growing.