dada2All my life I have always dreamed of the day my child would call me "dada" and it happened over and over the last few weeks! It is a miracle that I can actually hear Lucas call me and one of my most treasured sounds. There are many sounds that I hold close to my heart, but his little 7-month-old voice tops it all, especially when he calls, "dada." Last night I was rocking Lucas to sleep and he kept moving around and trying to get comfortable in my arms, which he is quickly outgrowing. After a few minutes of that, I decided to just put him in his crib. After doing so he fell asleep, but once I got to his bedroom door he woke up and looked at me. He was about to cry all over again, so I got the pillow from the rocking chair and laid on the floor next to his crib. Once I did so, he fell back asleep for 30 seconds and then he would pop his head up to see if I was still there. After about 5 minutes of his routine check up he finally fell asleep for the night. I then laid there for about 10 minutes watching him sleep. I could not help but smile at the little boy he is becoming. I also started making a list of all the things I learned from him over the last 7 months. I was surprised at how much he has taught and reminded me of.

It really is an honor to be called "dada" by my son. Already at such a young age he is constantly looking up to us and paying close attention to every move we make. This brings a great sense of responsibility as I know my wife and I have lots to teach him. Since we can't teach him everything right now, we simply teach him that he is loved by his parents and that he is a Child of God.

Cluff Family 2016