Disconnected By David Cluff

 We often times have to disconnect from something to find balance in our lives.  When I feel like I am getting stressed out about a project or something I simply disconnect my implants and turn off the sounds of the world where I am able to think, pray and find confidence within myself again. I consider it a blessing that I can turn off the sounds of theworld. I don't feel rushed but relaxed and I love that feeling. When I am connected I hear my family's voices and the sounds I love to hear. There are moments in my day where I just need a moment of peace. I really love living the best of both worlds...even when I am being pulled in many directions. It was the life style I chose to live and now it is simply who I am.

There are times that I feel disconnected in a way that I don't want to be. I often have to work harder to understand a conversation in a large crowd and feel frustrated when I don't completely understand. Again, it is now simply who I am and I will endure the challenge.

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