Finding Our New "Normal"

IMG_6327Bringing Lucas home for the first time was exciting and we felt a great sense of relief to have him out of the NICU. He slept the whole car ride home and once we got home and got the car unloaded Heather and I stared at each other and said, "now what?" The days before were busy with giving birth and multiple changes to our plans and many visits to the NICU. (read about our birth experience here) The first few nights were pretty good. Except I never imagined how hard it would be for me to take my Cochlear Implants off at night to charge. I really wanted to hear every sound and be there. When I take them off, I feel like I step into a bubble. I was not sure how to cope with this new night lifestyle. This was a start for us to find our new "normal." After lots of research, I joined the Fitbit group. You might be does a Fitbit relate to this?? I got the Fitbit for 1. to wake me up in the morning so my bed shakiLucas-9ng alarm does not wake up Heather. 2. To solve my night time worries, it vibrates when someone calls me. So, when Heather is awake and taking care of Lucas in another room and needs me, she can call me. We might also get a nerf gun, but we will see how this goes. :)

So far, Lucas has been a really happy baby and we just adore him so much!

We are still in the process of finding our new "normal", but we are experiencing a lot of joy along this journey. IMG_4123

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