Forgot something...

 Ever have one of those mornings where you are rushing out the door and you forget something? Well, I had one of those mornings. I got all ready for the day, made my lunch, and left for work. Shortly after I left, I then realized I forgot something. I forgot my *left ear! How often do you  hear someone say that?!?! I had my right ear on and forgot  to put on my left ear. I did not want to turn around, plus I thought, "how bad can it be to only have my right ear on for a day." Everything was okay when the office was quiet, but as everyone started to come in and talking...I became very disoriented among the many sounds. I came to realize just how much I rely on having both Cochlear Implants or ears on. Haveing two Cochlear Implants on I am able to locate sounds better, things sound much more clear and I don't feel as lost in all the sounds.

Next time I will remember to put both ears on before heading out the door.

*I often refer my Cochlear Implants as my ears.