Frustrated by David Cluff

We all have moments where we feel frustrated with something. I had many of those moments the past few weeks. It started with getting my wisdom teeth taken out. I felt fine the first day of recovery but then the next few days I didn't feel like myself. As much as I tried to be positive about it, I felt frustrated.  What got me through? It was prayers, my parents and best friends comforting words letting me know I would be back to my normal self soon. Another frustrating moment was a recent drive through experience.  During one of my lunch breaks at work, I decided I would go pick up something to eat. It required a drive through and I was alone, which scared me. I tried to feel confident and kept saying..."I can do this." My turn came; I slowly pulled up and rolled down the window. I told them what I wanted and they asked me something. I could not hear them very well, so I said "what" three times until I finally understood most of it. Then the same thing happened on the next question. After that was all done I paid and got my food. My main dish was what I wanted but the side was totally not what I wanted.  Sure enough, the receipt said I ordered that side. Oops! At that moment I had no desire to go there again. Every day after that I kept thinking..."I have to go back again and this time do it right." I did it again and things went better. I learned that even if it is frustrating and seems hard, don't give up. Now I know that I will be alright with going through the drive through alone. It may always be a challenge but I can't give up something that I can improve on. Whenever I improve on the drive through or other difficult listening situations an excitement runs through me like a little boy.

Just because something seems hard does not mean you have to overcome it right away but you can keep working on it little by little. Before you know it you have improved on something that seemed so hard before.

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