Growth & Blessings


I'David B. Cluffve come to realize that we all have dealt with growth in one way or another and also witnessed blessings along the way.

One of my growing experiences from last week had to do with my role as a father. On Friday, Lucas was scheduled to visit a tongue-tie specialist as Heather kept noticing that it was a little tight. We arrived and got to meet with the doctor and see what they thought. After examing Lucas, they found that he had a tongue-tie and a lip-tie which was explained some of the issues he was having with his eating habits. The doctor then asked if we would like to proceed and have it corrected with the laser. The procedure would only take three minutes or so. We agreed and they got the room ready Lucas. They asked if we wanted to stay in the room or wait in the waiting room. Heather knew she could not be in the same room, so she waited outside. I wanted to be in there with Lucas, kind of a fatherly protection. They asked if I would help hold his legs still while the nurse and doctor worked on his mouth. Lucas got all suited up and wore these cute little glasses, and I then put my safety gear on. I placed my hands on Lucas' legs and the next three minutes or so seemed to be the longest three minutes ever, Heather would agree. He cried in a way I never heard him cry. It was heartbreaking and I knew this would benefit him in the future. But, it still broke my heart. Lucas would get tiny breaks during the three minutes and during those moments I would rub his head and he would calm down. At the end, he went straight to Heather to be fed and comforted.

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That experience gave me a greater love for Lucas and my parents. I think about the two big surgeries that I had in my life (Cochlear Implant Surgery) that lasted around five hours and how hard that must have been for my parents. As hard and challenging as these experiences are, they bring blessings later on. For Lucas, his eating habits have improved. Me, well, I can hear again!

"There is no growth in your comfort zone and there is no comfort in your growth zone." -Author Unkown

As the weekend came about, Lucas was pretty much his normal self until the teething pains really started to kick in, but despite it all, he still puts a smile on and continues to grow. He learned to say "Mom" and watch his Uncle Sam play rugby with Grandpa's sunglasses. :)

L - sunglasses