Hearing Athletes 

Living with a cochlear implant can be challenging and amazing at the same time. The amazing part is that you get an idea of the miracles of sounds and you also experience the silence, like nothing else, when you don't wear them.

I recently read an article titled "Living in Between the Deaf and Hearing Worlds" and it is a good read! Here is an excerpt from the article, which is my favorite part.

“It’s not like you put [the implants] on and you can hear just like a normal person,” he reminds me. “Sometimes words just get all mixed up and you just can’t understand the person.” Indeed, experts in field of auditory-verbal therapy stress that implant-wearers must be “hearing athletes” in order to thrive in the cacophonous world. Listening is not a passive endeavor, and pressure to keep up can be tiring. "

Over the last 17 years, as a cochlear implant user, I never considered myself a "hearing athlete", but there are days where I have to work harder than others. I am grateful for my ability to live the best of both worlds.