It's a New Year!

The days approaching New Year's Eve and following have been a learning experience as I watched my own backyard (the town) make national news about the floods here in Missouri. The main highway and most roads were shut down which made it almost impossible for me to get to work. There was one route that could be taken, but would make it a 2 hour commute verses my normal 15-20min commute one way. I found myself working from home and then helping out with the preparation for the floods.  The last few days I have seen a whole high school field completely under water, home floating down a river, businesses flooded and highways covered with water. I stood in awe at the natural disasters happening right in the very town that we live in. It is one thing to watch it on the news and another to drive by and actually witness what happened.  

   It also goes to show how easily materialistic things can be swept away from our lives. As I thought about this I gained a stronger sense of importance to put family first. 

This year our family has decided to focus on one word as our New Years resolution goal. We found this to be more doable and yet realistic. Let's face it, if I set a goal to exercise most likely won't happen. But, if my word is "health" I can focus all year on improving my health which can include exercise, eating right and etc. 

Are you already thinking of words? Write them down and pick one that you really want to focus on. I am working on mine and I might reveal it next week. 

Happy New Year!