Logging Off...by David Cluff

Logging off... As I mentioned in my pervious entry, "Embrace It", I announced that I will be serving a two year mission for my church in Salt Lake City, Utah. I will be leaving April 11, 2012 and right now I am preparing to serve for two years. You may be wondering why I titled this entry "logging off"--- for the two years I won't have access to update my blog, website, or facebook so I will be logging off for two years. I am going to miss it but serving a mission for my Heavenly Father is something I have been preparing for all my life and something I feel I need to do. I will be able to email my family once a week and call home on Mother's Day and Christmas but I can hand write letters whenever! I have set up another blog that will be activated towards the end of March where my beloved parents will share my journey on there for me. Silent Moments, My Story has been an amazing journey for me personally and I have learned so much from all of the people I came in contact with. Over the next short while I have made a goal to spend more time with my family and prepare myself to leave in April. I will post my last goodbyes in March but for now I am logging off.

Here is a short video with a song that I feel expresses my feelings from the heart.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0yTP5weNjc?rel=0]

-David Cluff

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