New Video! “My Story”

Happy Monday everyone! I am excited to present to you a new video about "My Story!" I got to work with talented Caleb Cook on this project.

Caleb is one of my brothers best friends and he recently got interested in videography. I asked him if he would help make a new video that tells my hearing loss story. We all got up early one Saturday morning and walked the streets of Eureka, MO and also went to a little park nearby. We spent about an hour or so filming and had so much fun with it. Caleb was able to capture Lucas' first time sitting and touching the grass.

Caleb did such a good job and he went beyond my expectations.  Too bad he and his family are moving to Israel in a few weeks but he will be making more videos of his time there. Stay tuned for a link to that in the future. :)

AND now here is the video...