Single to Married - Our Beautiful Life

It is one thing to be deaf, wear cochlear implants and be single. It is another thing to be deaf, wear cochlear implants and be married. I got married 38 days ago and I noticed that some things change when you’re married. My wife and I have many discussions about this.

A common question I would ask to my wife, Heather, before we got married is, “What do you think about me being deaf and hearing with a Cochlear Implant?” It never seemed to faze her and she always would say, “I love you for who you are.” I have come to learn that she studied about hearing loss and Cochlear Implants during high school and found it fascinating. She then started to pick up on some Sign Language and educated herself on the deaf culture. At the time she did not know why it fascinated her but now she does.

Life is interesting. When you find someone that really loves you for you, then nothing else seems to really matter. Our new unique life is beautiful in many ways. A typical morning consists of the bed shaking to wake me up in the morning, communicating in sign language before I put my Cochlear Implant on and freeze mode when my battery dies during a conversation. We find humor in the silent moments we have and yet we speak in a thousand words.

Despite our differences we have the attitude of “Come What May and Love it” and through that we have come to love and adapt to our new beautiful life. My wife, Heather, is amazing and knows how to communicate with me when I can’t always hear. She is my better half and having someone like her in my life has been a huge blessing to me.

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