Story Time

Some nights you will find Heather and I reading books to our son, Lucas, and I sure love these moments. Recently we read a new book that Grandma Cluff gave Lucas for Christmas titled, "You're Here For a Reason by Nancy Tillman" 


As I read this book, I found many truths that apply to all of us and told in such a simple story. I would like to share my favorite part of the book: "You're here for a reason. It's totally true. You're part of a world that is counting on you. So don't be too worried if some days fall flat. Good things happen, even from that. Life can be tricky, there isn't a doubt. You'll skin your knees trying to figure it out. But, life works together, the good and the bad, the silly and awful, and happy and sad, to paint a big picture that we can't always see...a picture that needs you, most definitely. Remember that next time a day goes all somebody else, you will always be strong." 

I know that each person helps paint the big picture or masterpiece by one's own individuality. It has been a reminder that you and I really are part of the picture that needs us, most definitely.

You Are Here-01

I hope we can all remember that we are here for a reason. Great things can happen each day.