We Moved!


It has been a busy few weeks for our little family. We have spent the last few days packing, moving and unpacking. We are almost done, just a few more things to get from our old place and still some unpacking to do. It feels like yesterday that we moved into our new apartment last June. Heather was pregnant at the time. It was a fun time as we spent the following months preparing for Lucas' arrival. In apartment 204, we saw Lucas grow to 7 months. We built a lot of memories there.



But, we are super excited that we got an opportunity to move into a house. It has been in the works for the last few months and now we've been able to move in over the last few days. It is a beautiful house and a lovely neighborhood. We are still in St. Louis and will be in this home for the next three years. We are excited to see what the next three years brings.