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My Story

The day you lose something very valuable... your perspective changes. My name is David and I lost all my hearing at age six due to the CMV virus. Six months after that devastating morning, I got my first cochlear implant and a new chapter began.

I got my second cochlear implant at age 14, later graduated high school, served a two-year church mission and met my beautiful wife, Heather.

Today, I am a proud father of two very energetic boys. I am also a photographer who loves to capture moments to last a lifetime.


Photos are amazing. They capture emotions of all kinds and different phases of life. When I lost my hearing,

I often felt like I was looking at a photo. All I could experience was watching emotions like a photo as there was no sound.

Today I am a photography project manager for a furniture company and enjoy doing mini family photo sessions.


During summer of 2017 I began working on a video series titled Life In Between With David.

In these series, I talk about my experiences as a cochlear implant recipient and share what

I have learned. Check out my YouTube channel to learn more!


Heather and I love our two boys who bring so much joy to our lives.

Each day is a reminder of how blessed I am to hear their little voices and the sounds they make.


My belief is that we are all sons and daughters of God and He loves us.

This very belief and faith has helped me through all phases of my life.

From shy to being comfortable with public speaking events, David B. Cluff shares his story. David is highly motivated and passionate about the deaf and helping individuals through his experience as a Cochlear Implant recipient. Read more about his story: Video produced by Caleb Cook


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