David B. Cluff
David B. Cluff
Photographer & Cochlear Implant Vlogger

When I look at a photo I am often reminded of the time I lost my hearing over night. In a photo there are no sounds, just a moment in time.


Life In Between with David

The first time you hear is pretty magical and special but so is the ability to hear each and every day! My wife and I have two little boys whom we adore. Something about hearing them say "Daddy or dada" or my oldest saying, "watch this!" is a miracle to me. While being able to hear with a cochlear implant is amazing, there is also a part of me that lives in between two worlds. The deaf and the hearing.

My name is David Cluff and I lost all my hearing overnight at age six due to the CMV virus. Six months after that devastating morning, I got my first cochlear implant and a new chapter began. It is interesting how my perspective of life has changed since that morning. I never thought I would end up dreaming about hearing with two years. At age 14, that dream came true.

Today, I am a proud father of two very energetic boys with a third on the way!



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