"Hey Siri"


The other night t I was trying to move our oldest to his bed after falling asleep in our bed. It was late and I already took my “ears” off. I thought it was going to be an easy transition to move him. Got him up to his bed and he started panicking and asking for something. I was deaf and could not understand the lips of a crying 3–year-old. So I thought, “ask Siri!!” (iPhone application) I had him ask Siri and I read what she typed. Siri began to type, “blue bottle with water.” Whew, mission accomplished.

This experience has made me grateful for technology and how it helped me understand my son at a time when I could not hear. He knows a few signs but when he is half asleep, everything is “milk” which can cause frustration when he really wants something else, like a blue bottle with water.


David Cluff