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Why digital marketing? Years ago I had a dream to share my story through photography and a website. Navigating all the options was overwhelming and after trial and error, I found tools that work to tell a story. My goal here is to help provide marketing consulting on how to build a website with Squarespace, develop email marketing strategies, create presentations that will blow your audience away. Ready to get started with telling that story you have been itching to share?

My story is that I lost all my hearing overnight at age six due to the CMV virus. Six months after that devastating morning, I got my first cochlear implant and a new chapter began. It is interesting how my perspective of life has changed since that morning. I never thought I would end up dreaming about hearing with two ears. At age 14, that dream came true.

Getting too close to your marketing project and need another perspective? Are you a new start up and not sure how to navigate all the many options for website, social media and email systems? Stuck on a presentation? Contact me below and lets talk!

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How would you describe silence? Over the weekend, my wife and I went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and while we were eating @heathadawna asks me, “what is it like to not hear anything at all in a noisy restaurant?” I took my cochlear implants off and looked around. From the fast pace I felt from a busy and noisy restaurant it all slowed down. It was a strange and yet comforting feeling. So what does silence mean to you? Let me know in the comments! #cochlearimplant #hearingloss #advancedbionics #hearing #silence #davidbcluffphoto

Ready to get started with telling that story you have been itching to share?